14 May


The Sport Department of Sharif announced the first Sharif Professors and Students Solidarity Futsal Cup in the second term of the academic year 2014-2015. The competition is designed to take teams from various departments in Sharif. In total, there were twelve teams competing from 12 departments in 4 groups of 3 teams, namely,

Group 1: Management, Industrial Eng., Mechanical Eng.

Group 2: Chemistry, Aerospace Eng., Physics

Group 3: Computer Eng., Mathematics, Electrical Eng.

Group 4: Chemical Eng., Civil Eng., Material Eng.

The SPSSF Cup took place on May 3-13, 2015 at Sharif University in Tehran. The competition featured a three team group stage on Sunday, May 3, Monday, May 4 and Tuesday, May 5.

The top two teams from each of the four groups progressed into quarter final stage play-offs on Saturday, May 9.

The first and second rank of each group were:

Group 1: Industrial Eng., Management,

Group 2: Chemistry, Aerospace Eng.,

Group 3:  Mathematics, Computer Eng.,

Group 4: Chemical Eng., Material Eng.

The winners of the quarter final stage, namely, Computer Eng., Industrial Eng., Chemical Eng. And Aerospace Eng. progressed to semi-final stage on Sunday, May 10 and Monday, May 11. In semi-final stage, Computer Eng. defeated Chemical Eng. 3 to 1 and Aerospace Eng. defeated Industrial Eng. 6 to 3.

The winners of the semi-final, Computer Eng. and Aerospace Eng. were the two teams out of twelve teams who played on Wednesday, May 13 in final. Aerospace Eng. defeated Computer Eng. 4 to 0 and won the first Sharif Professors and Students Solidarity cup Champion title and Computer Eng. got the Vice-Champion title in this cup.

Computer Eng.  Professors & Students Solidarity Futsal Team Vice-Champion of The First Sharif Professors & Students Solidarity Futsal CUP