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Computer Organization and Design

 CE 40323/Fall 2001

Instructor: Amir Masoud Gharehbaghi

1380/11/24 Total Scores (without project) After Curve Ready! (see Examinations page)
1380/11/24 Projects Due Extended (see Projects page)
1380/11/15 Projects due announced (see Projects page)
1380/11/15 Final Exam Scores Ready (see Examinations page)
1380/11/7 Final Exam (see Examinations page)
1380/10/20 Solving selected problems from book on Tuesday 1380/11/2 9:00-11:00 am 
1380/10/20 Book sections for final exam anounced (see Examinations page)
1380/10/17 Extra class on Thursday 1380/10/20 12:00-15:00 in EbneSina Room #8
1380/9/14 List of Projects available (see Projects page)
1380/9/12 Sixth Assignment
1380/9/5 Fifth Assignment
1380/9/5 Midterm Scores ready. (see Examinations page)
1380/9/4 Midterm Exam and Solutions are available. (see Examinations page)
1380/9/1 Midterm Exam.
1380/8/30 Extra class for Verilog HDL on Sunday 1380/9/4 7:30-9:00 am
1380/8/21 Fourth Assignment
1380/8/9 Midterm Date and Time Assigned.
1380/8/7 Third Assignment
1380/7/30 Second Assignment
1380/7/18 First Assignment
1380/7/14 Mailing List Created (
1380/7/1 Happy New Semester