Artificial Intelligence (40-417)

Fall 2001


Dr. Gholamreza Ghassem-Sani(Home)


Teaching Assistant: 

Abolfazl Keighobadi-Lamjiri(Home)

Project presentation is due on Saturday 80/12/18 in the departments' site.



Here are some links to the course pages in some US Universities:

University Course Name Lecture Notes Syllabus Homework & Answers
Massachusetts Institute of Tech. Artificial Intelligence TA Notes Syllabus Homework & Answers
Stanford University AI: Principles & Techniques Materials Syllabus Homework & Answers
The University of Maryland(College Park) CMSC 421 Lecture Notes Syllabus Homework & Answers
Cornel University cs(472) Lecture Notes General Info. Homework
Columbia University Artificial Intelligence (W4701)      
Frieburg University cs(472) Lecture Notes General Info. Homework

Berkeley University(cs188)

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Text Books & Suggested Readings

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Course Syllabus & Outline

  • Rule Based Systems
  • Search Techniques
    • Depth-First, Breath-First
    • Iterative Deepening, Beam-Search
    • Heuristic Search (Hill-Climbing, A*,...)
  • Constraint Labeling (CLP)
  • Knowledge Representation
    • First Order Logic
    • Clausal Normal Form
    • Semantic Nets
  • Reasoning Techniques
  • Understanding
  • Advanced Topics(Planning, DAI, ...)
  • Programming in Proglog or Lisp


  • Mid-Term and Final Exams (75%)
  • Exercises (10%)
  • Final Project (15%)
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  • Exercise 1 (ps)(zip)(Due 6 Aban)
  • Exercise 2 (pdf)(zip)(Due 4 Azar)
  • Exercise 3 (ps)(zip)(Due 27 Azar)
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