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  1383-12-23 March 13, 2005 09:15 AM  
If you want to deliver your homework in electronic formats, send them to

Please use this format for your homework mail's subject:

"Microprocessor" - Assignment#< the assignment number > - StudentID#< your student ID > - Rev#

The fields in the statement above are:

< the assignment number >
Substitute the assignment number for this field.

< your student ID >
Substitute your student ID for this field.

< revision number >
Substitute the revision number of your homework for this field. You can send multiple revisions of your homework till its due date, but the last one would be used for marking. This field will help us identify the last version.

If you don't use this format for your homework-mail subject, we are afraid that your homework may straightly go to TRASH folder!!!

Dr. S.G.Miremadi

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