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  1384-11-16 February 05, 2006 12:23 PM  
final - Grages for this course are uploaded.

  1384-11-16 February 05, 2006 12:23 PM  
Semi final - Grages for this course are uploaded. I'll be in Khodro 404 from 10:12, on monday 84:11:10, this is the final deadline for your submissions.

  1384-10-04 December 25, 2005 01:00 PM  
There is yet another SQL puzzle waiting you, dear students!

  1384-09-29 December 20, 2005 12:42 PM  
If you have not chosen a DBMS for playing yet, you may want to have a look on EnterpriseDB that is built on PostgreSQL. This is a nice step for providing enterprise level support for open source product such as PostgreSQL. My first tests show that it supports many standard features that you may miss on other platforms such as MySQL. This announcement is merely for educational purpose and by no means is not an ADVERTISEMENT!

  1384-09-29 December 20, 2005 12:56 PM  
Mandatory research on ODBMS systems. You should send electronic copy and hand in hard copy of your researches up to one week after final exams 84/11/10. For more information see Object Data Model, Object Relational Databases, Object Database Management systems, OODB.
Your researches should be in a paper format [7-15 pages].

  1384-09-29 December 20, 2005 12:32 PM  
for short and quick introduction to Dynamic SQL see here.

  1384-09-25 December 16, 2005 12:08 AM  
25th International Conference on Conceptual Modeling (ER2006)

  1384-09-24 December 15, 2005 09:55 PM  
Exercise 3 has uploaded.
Also there is an
uptional exercise for sql.

Deadline is 1384/09/29.

  1384-09-22 December 13, 2005 09:09 PM  
An assignment about "Object Databases" is uploaded. Note that this is a mandatory assignment. For more information refer to content of doc file in Resources section.

  1384-09-17 December 08, 2005 07:32 PM  
I have added a link to DBDesigner: A modeling tool that is specialized and optimized(?) for MySQL. If you are a MySQL fan this would be a proper tool for you.

  1384-09-17 December 08, 2005 04:55 AM  
This is not an announcement! But, because some of visitors ask regularly "how to learn SQL?" I found these two links intereting :)
First one is one of those famous "In xyz" days or weeks or seconds(!) learning guides and therefor I DO NOT recommand it:
1. SQL in 60 Seconds
Second link is written by "Peter Norvig"  manager of improvements in search quality at Google. You may know him by his and Russel's well-known,widely used book in Artificial Intelligence area:
2. Teach Yourself Programming in Ten Years
So? Only moral is: Go and read a solid SQL book and be patient! SQL is not a PL (at least standard SQL is not) but it needs some time to be proficient in.period. :)
-Good luck!

  1384-09-08 November 29, 2005 07:53 AM  
sql Query Slides has been uploaded.

  1384-09-06 November 27, 2005 07:31 AM  
I upload files successfuly but they can not be downloaded! A serious problem in acknowledging architecture of this home.... :O

  1384-08-30 November 21, 2005 03:44 PM  
Since you dear students are so active and participate in all threads of Discussion Area(!) This time I have put 3 new puzzles there.One Design Puzzle and two SQL puzzles that one is a really easy puzzle and the other one is somehow more difficult puzzle.
I am looking forward your ideas.

  1384-08-29 November 20, 2005 01:18 PM  
I will hold an elementary course on Oracle for next 6 weeks. If there is anyone who is interested in this subject, see the posters in department for more information or refer to "Students Scientific Community" for registration.

  1384-08-23 November 14, 2005 01:47 PM  
Please see here and read the section about Lookup tables.We can have some design puzzles(!) about this concept later :)

  1384-08-22 November 13, 2005 07:44 AM  
See here for a list of Data Modeling tools.Note that this is not a comprehensive list and the content is not guaranteed to be true or necessarily accepted.

  1384-08-16 November 07, 2005 10:13 AM  
I think we should add a RSS feed to these homepages.Other mean time solution is to make a mailing list of students.Any ideas?who are audience? I don't know :)

  1384-08-16 November 07, 2005 10:08 AM  
This "Dia" tool inspired me and rised to a discussion about the planet of ER modeling tools.
See here and of course participate in discussion!

  1384-08-16 November 07, 2005 09:20 AM  
I have add a new SQL puzzle.Also we have some open end discussion from our #1 puzzle.So be quick!

  1384-08-16 November 07, 2005 07:00 AM  
A tool for drawing ER Diagrams has been uploaded. Please use it in your exercises. call me if you find any other free tools.

  1384-08-15 November 06, 2005 09:57 AM  
Grades of Exercise 1 is uploaded.

  1384-08-15 November 06, 2005 09:49 AM  
Answer for SQL Puzzle #1 is on discussion area.There is another subject that raised during the solution.I leave that for you for finding the answer(s).

  1384-08-15 November 06, 2005 07:43 AM  
The answer for exercise one is uploaded. Thanx Mr Akhgari . The ERD Diagram for this exercise and a tool for Drawing such diagrams will be uploaded.

  1384-08-14 November 05, 2005 01:38 PM  
You can find required contents for this course on cabinet. Thanx Mr Tootoonchian for such a support.

  1384-08-11 November 02, 2005 12:48 PM  
I've add an optional ERD exercise "Dynamic Form Problem".

  1384-08-14 November 05, 2005 01:26 PM  
Exercise 2 has been uploaded.
Deadline date:84/08/17

  1384-08-11 November 02, 2005 09:32 AM  
Discussion area started to work and first SQL puzzle submitted too!

  1384-08-01 October 23, 2005 12:53 PM  
Exercise classes will be on tuesdays 12-13.

  1384-09-29 December 20, 2005 07:41 AM  
Exercise 1 has been uploaded.
Deadline 84/08/10
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