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  1387-04-22 July 12, 2008 05:39 AM  
The pdf file of the final grades is in the [GRADES] section.  Please come and see ur exam papers on Sunday 23rd of Tir 1387 [Dr. Jalili's office].

After that, on Sunday after 13:00, I will pass the grades to

--R. Jalili

  1387-04-12 July 02, 2008 10:22 AM  
All grades (Midterm, Assignment, Project) were passed to Dr. Jalili. Please wait till he announces your final grade.


  1387-04-09 June 29, 2008 10:47 AM  
تحويل پروژه فاينال دو شنبه 10 تير از ساعت 8 صبح تا 16 بعد از ظهر در سايت دانشكده انجام مي شود. حضور همه اعضاي تيم اجباري است.

On the delivery date, each team should register its members in "my" paper by 10 o'clock. This way, I can schedule so that all teams can deliver their project before 16:00.

  1387-04-09 June 29, 2008 07:32 AM  
Notes for the final project:

  1. Certicates are in x509 format (DER, if you prefer). Here is an example. See also the images below.
  2. In the project definition, it is said that the "B" side of protocol has no input. This is wrong. B is provided with its own private key.
    The private key is stored in a text file, in hexadecimal format.
  3. The "integrity" mentioned in the project definition refers to "message integrity" NOT "data origin integrity".
  4. If you implement more features, you get extra mark.

Here is a way to export a DER-formatted certificate in Internet Explorer:

  1387-04-02 June 22, 2008 06:33 AM  
If you have not formed a group for final project, email me your name/std ID till Tir 5.

I'll form your group by then.

Here's a list of new groups:

behnam nikbakht (83108211),
Mohammad shafahi (84109412) (Phone: 09126062779)
Ali Abedi (8316005),

  1387-04-01 June 21, 2008 10:00 AM  
Midterm revised grades announced.

  1387-04-01 June 21, 2008 09:48 AM  
Assignment 1 grades announced.

  1387-03-30 June 19, 2008 06:50 AM  
A "temporary" answer to assignment 1 uploaded.
The answer sheet is subject to change (If errors are found in the answers).

  1387-03-19 June 08, 2008 07:19 AM  
The "full" list of students with their midterm grades is uploaded. See the "Grades" section.

  1387-03-13 June 02, 2008 02:42 PM  
A partial list of students with their midterm grades is uploaded. See the "Grades" section.

  1387-03-13 June 02, 2008 08:33 AM  
The final project due is Tir 10 (Monday).
All members of each team should participate in presenting their project, to be held at CE Site.

  1387-03-13 June 02, 2008 08:28 AM  
Midterm questions + short answers uploaded.
The grades will be announced soon.

  1387-01-10 March 29, 2008 05:54 AM  
Plz subscribe to the mailing list.
You can find the link in the "Main Menu", situated at the upper-left corner.

  1386-12-25 March 15, 2008 10:32 AM  
Some resources are uploaded.
Assignment #1 and Final Project uploaded.

Dr. Rasool Jalili

3 Units
Sunday-Tuesday 7:30-9:00
Room: 316 (Kharazmi Hall)

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