Fundamentals of Programming (Python/C) 40-153 
  CE Department- Sharif University of Technology Fall 2011 - Group 1 

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 Date   Topic  Comments
  1390/07/03     Introduction; Data Types, Operators, and Variables   Reading: ThinkCS [Ch1, 2]
  1390/07/05     Branching, Conditionals, and Loops   Reading: ThinkCS [Ch5, 3.3-5]
  1390/07/10     Modules and Functions, Introduction to Turtle Graphics   Reading: ThinkCS [Ch3, 12.4-10]
  1390/07/12     Decomposition and Encapsulation using Functions   Reading: ThinkCS [Ch4, 6]
  1390/07/17     Iteration: Successive Refinement, List Operations   Reading: ThinkCS [Ch7, 11]
  1390/07/19     Introduction to Recursion; Fractals   Reading: ThinkCS [Ch18]
  1390/07/24     More on Recursion: Towers of Hanoi   Reading: ThinkCS [Ch18]
  1390/07/26     Brief Tour of Python Standard Library   Reading: ThinkCS [Ch12], Python Tutorial [Ch10]
  1390/08/01     From Python to C   Reading: Deitel [Ch1, 2]
  1390/08/03     C Program Control: Conditionals and Loops   Reading: Deitel [Ch3, 4]
  1390/08/08     C Data Types, Formatted Input/Output   Reading: Deitel [Ch9]
  1390/08/10     Functions, Prototypes, Header Files   Reading: Deitel [Ch5.1-11]
  1390/08/15     Storage Classes, Scope Rules, Recursive Functions   Reading: Deitel [Ch5.12-16]
  1390/08/17     Arrays: An Introduction   Reading: Deitel [Ch6.1-4]
  1390/08/22     Recitation: Sample Midterm Problems   
  1390/08/29     Sorting and Searching Algorithms   Reading: Deitel [Ch6.5-8]
  1390/09/01     Multidimensional Arrays, Strings   Reading: Deitel [Ch8, 6.9]
  1390/09/06     Pointers   Reading: Deitel [Ch7]
  1390/09/08     Pointer Examples, Dynamic Memory Allocation   Reading: Deitel [Ch7, 12.3]
  1390/09/20     Structures, Unions, Enumerations, Bitwise Operators   Reading: Deitel [Ch10]
  1390/09/22     From C to C++   Reading: Deitel [Ch15]
  1390/09/27     Introduction to Classes and Objects   Reading: Deitel [Ch16]
  1390/09/29     Operator Overloading, String Class   Reading: Deitel [Ch19]
  1390/10/04     File Processing, I/O Streams   Reading: Deitel [Ch11.1-5, 23.1-4]
  1390/10/06     Templates, STL Vector   Reading: Deitel [Ch 22.1-4]

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