Advanced Algorithms 40-765 
  CE Department- Sharif University of Technology Fall 2011 - Group 1 

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 Date   Topic  Comments
  1390/06/27     Introduction - Finding Triangles in Graphs   Ref: Alon et al.'s paper (1994)
  1390/06/29     Amortized Analysis - Binomial Heaps   Ref: CLRS [Ch17], CLRS/2e [Ch19]
  1390/07/03     Fibonacci Heaps   Ref: CLRS [Ch19]
  1390/07/05     Graph Connectivity: Disjoint Sets   Ref: CLRS [Ch21]
  1390/07/10     Randomized Algorithms - Quicksort and Min-Cut   Ref: CLRS [Ch7], MR [Ch1]
  1390/07/12     From Monte Carlo to Las Vegas: String Matching   Ref: CLRS [Ch32]
  1390/07/19     Random Ordering: AND/OR Tree Evaluation   Ref: MR [Ch2]
  1390/07/24     Random Sampling: Median   Ref: MR [Ch3], MU [Ch3]
  1390/07/26     Backward Analysis: Smallest Enclosing Circle   Ref: CLRS [Ch5.1], BCKO [Ch4.7]
  1390/08/01     Random Walk: Satisfiability   Ref: MR [Ch6.1], Schoening's paper (1999)
  1390/08/08     Polynomial-Time Reduction   Ref: CLRS [Ch34.1], KT [Ch8.1]
  1390/08/10     NP-Completeness Proofs   Ref: CLRS [Ch34.2-4], KT [Ch8.2-3]
  1390/08/15     NP-Complete Problems: Circuit Satisfiability, 3-SAT, Hamiltonian Cycle   Ref: CLRS [Ch34.5], KT [Ch8.4-5]
  1390/08/17     NP-Complete Problems: TSP, Graph Coloring, Subset Sum, Scheduling   Ref: KT [Ch8.6-8]
  1390/08/29     Approximation Algorithms: Vertex Cover, Metric TSP   Ref: CLRS [Ch35.1-2]
  1390/09/01     Disjoint Unit Squares (PTAS), MAX 3-SAT   Ref: CLRS [Ch35.4], Hochbaum and Maass' paper ('85)
  1390/09/06     Online/Offline Bin Packing   Ref: V [Ch9]
  1390/09/20     Online Navigation: The Lost Cow Problem   Ref: Kao et al.'s paper (1992)
  1390/09/22     Competitive Analysis: Paging   Ref: BE, MR [Ch13]
  1390/09/27     Flow Networks: Max Flow/Min Cut   Ref: CLRS [Ch26]

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