Numerical Methods for Hardware Engineering and IT 40216 
  CE Department- Sharif University of Technology 95-96/2 - Group 1 

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  1395-11-19 February 07, 2017 09:19 PM  
Welcome to the Numerical Methods course.

Instructor: Mohammed Gharib  (Email: gharib2020 [shift+2] gmail [dot] com)

Head TA: Negin Majidi (Email: negin.majidi45 [shift+2] gmail [dot] com)

TAs: Parmida Vahdatnia
      Fatemeh Alipour
      Milad Razavi Mohseni
      Helia Ziaei
      Ranaa Babaeie
      Sadra Safadoost
      Amirabbas Jalali
      Aarash Feyzi


3 Units

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