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Welcome to the Software Engineering course page!

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About the course:

In CE-474 Software Engineering course, we try to cover a variety of topics from an introduction to software engineering, ethics in software engineering, good and best practices in software engineering, team management, time management, testing, coding and validating, to an introduction to some of the key technologies and principles that a "software engineer" needs to know.

The course material and formation will be mainly adapted from a similar undergraduate course at one of the top Universities.

There will be 5 problem sets which you should do alone and without collaboration with anyone else.

There will also be up to 5 project phases in which you will experience what is like to participate in an industry-grade project, code and communicate with tools used in the industry and deliver the code and documentation based on a work breakdown plan provided to you.

There are multiple short exams held before or after class sessions in which you will be examined with the questions from recent course discussions and material.

What you should do:

  • Register in course's Quera page by clicking here. Registration password is SE_W3LC0M3.
  • Create your project teams. Each team is made of 4 students.
  • Create your Github and Trello accounts if you already don't have one.
  • Register your teams in this google form.

Some additional notes:

  • As stated, course material and formation will be mainly adapted from an existing undergrad course, but references and slides may be slightly modified, new content may be added or some of the content may be omitted, so it's best to use the updated slide set provided here at the course page as your main reference. These updated slides will be added gradually.
  • Please use email addresses provided in syllabus page to contact CA team members

Late Submissions Policy:

You have a total of 3 days of penalty-free late submission extra time. This extra time can be used only for assignments. Late submission time usage will be measured in hours. You can use all of your extra time on a single assignment. Not using the extra time will not result in any kind of bonus grade. Exceeding the 3-day extra time will result in a 5% penalty in assignment grade per hour.

Collaboration and over-collaboration:

In the course project, we encourage collaboration and discussing your ideas and ways of thinking with each other but sharing code or collaborating on writing it is not allowed. As stated collaboration in doing the assignments is forbidden in any way.

Over-collaboration for the first time on an assignment or project phase will result in receiving -100% grade for that entire particular activity. Over-collaborating for the second time will result in the course failure.


Mehran Rivadeh

3 Units
Sundays and Tuesdays 16:30 - 18:00
Room: CE-101

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