Intelligent Analysis of Biomedical Images 40571 
  CE Department- Sharif University of Technology Fall 2020 - Group 1 

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Course Syllabus

 Intelligent Analysis of Biomedical Images - 40571
  • Credit: 3 Units
  • Semester: Fall 2020
  • Group:  1
  • Lecture Class:  Sun. and Tue. 15:00-16:30
  • Room:  --

 Text Book(s)
    Kota Miura, “Bioimage Data Analysis,” Wiley, 2016.

    Paul Suetens, "Fundamentals of Medical Imaging", Cambridge University Press, 3rd edition, 2017.

    Guorong Wu, Dinggang Shen, Mert Sabuncu, “Machine Learning and Medical Imaging,” Elsevier and Micca Society, 1st edition, 2016.

    S. Kevin Zhou, Hayit Greenspan, Dinggang Shen, “Deep Learning for Medical Image Analysis,” Elsevier, 1st edition, 2017.


 Teacher Assistants
    No teacher assistant for this course.

 Evaluation [Grading Policy ]
    Will be announced in the syllabus file. More info atدرس/۴%DB%B0۹۵۱-۱.

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