Applying Extended Kalman Filter to Passive RFID Positioning

Are you interested in a research project?

We have developed a passive RFID localisation system (demo available in the 8th floor). We have extensively tested the system and collected data. Now, we want to test the gain in accuracy when an extended Kalman Filter would be combined with our algorithm. You will use Python and existing tools to implement the filter on a Raspberi Pi. Your research will be published in IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics.

Is this research reproducible?

I encourage active participation in Open Review.

“Open Review is a new feature [of ResearchGate] that lets you publish an open and transparent review of any paper that you have read, worked with, or cited. Designed to approach the evaluation of research in a different way, Open Review encourages scientists and researchers to focus on one key question: Is this research reproducible?”

The more you review other works, the better you will write your own papers. Because

  • you will develop a sense for replicability; write reports that support research replication.
  • you will develop an understanding of what evaluators look at: “methodology, analyses, references, findings, or conclusions

Workshop on Ambient Multimedia and Sensory Environments (AMUSE)

We organize the “Second IEEE International Workshop on Ambient Multimedia and Sensory Environments (AMUSE)”, in Conjunction with the IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo (ICME), on July 14 (or July 18), 2014, in Chengdu, China.

Submission deadline is the 23th March 2013.

Visit the workshops’ website at