Shervin Daneshpajouh
    Sharif University of Technology
    Department of Computer Engineering


Submitted Journal Papers

  1. Sh. Daneshpajouh, M. Nouri Byghi, M. Ghodsi, Computing Weak Visibility Line Simplification Inside a Simple Polygon, Submitted, 2013.
  2. TIN Simplification Algorithm on Graphical Processing Units, Sh. Daneshpajouh, M. Ghodsi, M. Gholami, S. Keshtkar Jafari, M. Mahmoudi Aznaveh, Submitted.

Journal Publications

  1. Sh. Daneshpajouh, Mohammad Ali Abam, Lasse Deleuran, Shayan Ehsani M. Ghodsi, Computing Homotopic Line Simplification in the Plane. To be appear in the following issue of Computational Geometry: Theory and Applications journal (CGTA), 2014.
  2. Sh. Daneshpajouh, A.Zarei, M. Ghodsi, Path Simplification under Area Measures , Elsevier Graphical Models Journal, Volume 74/5, pp. 283-289, 2012. DOI.

Conference Publications

  1. A. Ahmadzadeh, H. Madani, K. Jafari, F. Salimi Jazi, S. Daneshpajouh, S. Gorgin, Fast and adaptive BP-based multi-core implementation for stereo matching. All around winner of Memocode design contest (Performance and Performance/Cost). IEEE
  2. A. Arbabi, M. Gholami, M. Varmazyar, Sh. Daneshpajouh, Fast CPU-based DNA exact sequence aligner, 10th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Formal Methods and Models for Codesign (MEMOCODE), pages 95-98, 2012. Winner of Performance/Cost class of Memocode design contest. DOI
  3. Fahime Dabaghi, M. Ghodsi, Sh. Daneshpajouh Weighted Terrain Simplification Algorithm, CSE Conference, AISP 2012.
  4. Sh. Daneshpajouh, M. Ghodsi, A Heuristic Homotopic Path Simplification Algorithm. ICCSA, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 2011: 132-140.
  5. Sh. Daneshpajouh, Mohammad Ali Abam, Lasse Deleuran, M. Ghodsi, Computing Strongly Homotopic Line Simplification in the Plane. European Workshop on Computational Geometry (EuroCG), 2011.
  6. Sh. Daneshpajouh, A.Zarei, M. Ghodsi, Path Simplification under Difference Area Measure, 14th Int'l CSI Computer Conference (CSICC'2009), Amirkabri University of Technology, July 1-2, 2009, Tehran, Iran, 2009. [IEEE] [CIVILICA]
  7. Sh. Daneshpajouh, A.Zarei, M. Ghodsi, On Realistic Line Simplification under Area Measure, In proceeding of 2009 IAENG International Conference on Computer Science (ICCS-2009), Hong Kong, 18-20 March, 2009. [CiteSeer]
  8. Sh. Daneshpajouh, Mojtaba Mohammadi Nasiri, M. Ghodsi, A Fast Community Based Algorithm for Generating Crawler Seeds Set, In Proceeding of 4th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST-2008), Funchal, Portugal, May 2008. [BibTex] Cited by:[ 1, 2, 3 ]
  9. Hamed Yaghoobi Shahir, Sh. Daneshpajouh, Raman Ramsin, Improvement Strategies for Agile Software Processes , In Proc. of  SERA 2008, Prague, Czech Republic, August, 2008. [EE][BibTex]
  10. Sh. Daneshpajouh, M. Ghodsi, Inferring Web Core Communities, (In persian) in 2nd Conference on Information and Communication Technology Management (IRCTM), 2006. [CIVILICA]
  11. Sh. Daneshpajouh, M. Ghodsi, Parallel Algorithm for Map Labeling Problem , (In persian) in 2nd Conference on Information and Knowledge Technology (IKT 2005), Amir Kabir University of Technology, June 2005. [CIVILICA]

Abstract Paper

  1. Polygonal Path Simplification Inside a Simple Polygon under Visibility Measure, Sh. Daneshpajouh, M. Nouri Bygi, M. Ghodsi, IPM Conference on Theoretical Aspects of Computer Science (TACS), 22 - 26 December, 2012.




  • Inferring Web Communities, Sh. Daneshpajouh, M.Sc Thesis, Computer Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology, January 2006.

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