Shervin Daneshpajouh
    Sharif University of Technology
    Department of Computer Engineering

    PhD Student


FarsiTex Editor 10.0 (Dormod version)

I have added some features to FarsiTex editor. This features help you write your document more faster.
I have chose Dormod as codename for this work.

1) You should have FarsiTex installed on your computer
2) Download This version of FarsiText Editor
3) Unzip and copy the executable file to FarsiText directory.
4) Run and Enjoy It!

Screenshot1 : Environment and New Toolbar
Screenshot2 : Insert Menu

Note: This version is not complete and all the features may not work well. I am always working on it.

FarsiTex Download and Installation Guide (in Persian)


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Shamsi Date Notofier (v.84)

Shamsi Date Notifier is an tiny useful program. This program show you Shamsi date.
It gives you some information about the date event too.
Even you can make your own events file.

Platform: Windows xp + .Net framework
: 1.0.2 Beta

Download: ShamsiDateNotifier84.exe (188 KB)
Download: ShamsiDateNotifier84.rar (125 KB)
Last update: 30 March 2005

How to make your own events file?
In the program directory there is an XML file. Copy this file and then rename your copy to another name. Now edit your XML file with windows Notepad or an XML editor like MoreMotion XML editor. When you have finished editing the xml file, put your file in the program directory, select Options from program menu( right click on program icon in system tray) and then select your XML file name from combobox. press Ok and select Refresh menu to finish your job. from now the program shows your events  file!

If you made a public event file that you think it is interesting for other users, please send it to us.

If you have found any problem or bug in this program, please send it to my email address.


Sharif Campus.