Farzam Fani

Research Assistant in Sharif University of Techlonoly

Hello and Welcome. I am a graduate researcher at Department of Computer Engineering, Sharif University of Technology working under the supervision of Dr. Siavash Bayat-Sarmadi.

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About Me

  • Farzam Fani Tabasi
  • July 29, 1990
  • ffani[AT]ce[dot]sharif[dot]edu

I am an M.Sc student at Sharif University of Technology studying in the field on Information Technology. Currently I work on various ways to improve the robustness of encrypted traffic. Also, I am actively involved in projects relating to designing an IoT framework while considering both address space exhaustion and privacy concerns. if you you want to know about my research interests please visit the RI page in this website.

Previously I was a member of Sharif DNSL ( Data and Network Security Lab. ) for more information please visit the resume page of this website.


  • Started working on IoT frameworks for developing a reliable and secure IoT addressing platform
  • --
  • Finally finished the TOEFL exam. Score 109, which obviously I am very proud of.
  • --
  • At long last, submitted my paper on statistical traffic analysis, name TG-PSM, to IEEE TDSC. Hoping for the best.
  • --

These are some of the research areas which I am interested in. But the list doesn't end here and If you feel you have an exciting topic and I can be of any assistance, please feel free to contact me.

Research Interests :

Modeling the Behavior of Network Traffic and IoT Platforms

Traffic Analysis, Identification And Classification

IoT privacy

Human-computer Interaction (HCI) in conjunction with Healthcare and/or Security

Storing and Analyzing Healthcare Information

Using Machine Learning and Data Mining Techniques in Computer Related Endeavors


Recent Publications

TG-PSM: Tunable Greedy Packet Sequence Morphing Based on Trace Clustering. Submitted to IEEE TDSC. Currently under review.

Contact Info

  • Address: HCI / DNS Lab/
    CE 504, Computer Engineering Department
    Sharif University of Technology
    Azadi Ave., Tehran, Iran
    Tel: +98 (21) 6616 6667
    Fax: +98 (21) 6616 6677
  • farzam.fanni@gmail.com - ffani[at]ce[dot]sharif[dot]edu
  • +98 919 494 6674
  • farzam.fanni@hotmail.com
  • farzam.fanni@gmail.com
  • farzam.fanni@hotmail.com

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