My Brief Biography

Allameh Helli 3


I studied in Allameh Helli 3, which was under the supervision of NODET. I spent seven years there; both middle school and high school and graduated with Diploma GPA of 19.71

Computing Olympiad


From the first to the third grade of high school, I was studying computing olympiad. I competed in Iran National Olympiad in Informatics and won the bronze medal in 2013 and silver medal in 2014.

Sharif University of Technology


I've entered Sharif University of Technology, with rank 6th in the Iran national universities entrance exam. My major is computer software engineering.



I was working at Lyan as a part-time back-end and iOS developer. Lyan was a startup founded by some senior students of the university.

Students' Scientific Chapter


I've elected as a central member of Students' Scientific Chapter of Computer Engineering Department, which is the main organizer of extracurricular student events in the department.

Winter Seminar Series


I was the lead creator of the website of Winter Seminar Series; which was a two-day event consisting of scientific seminars in advanced computer science and engineering.


Summer 2018

I had a research experiment as an intern in EPFL Data Lab; working on the Computer Systems field, specially DBToaster project with my professor Christoph Koch and my supervisor Amir Shaikhha.

Skills and Interests

  • Teaching

    I love teaching. Since graduating from high school, I've been involved in many teaching experiences such as teaching algorithm and programming in olympiad classes and teaching data structures and C programming language in TA classes in the university.
  • Technical Skills

    I'm expert in web(back-end) and iOS development; I'm also familiar with clean coding, object-oriented programming, and design of algorithms. I've been working with Unix-based operating systems like Linux and Mac OS since the first grade of high school.
  • Programming

    Programming has been one of my most significant interests since the first grade of middle school (when I was 11). The first programming language I ever learned was Pascal! Today I'm skilled in C, C++, Python, and Swift.
  • Hobbies

    I enjoy watching and playing football (either in reality or in computer games!). I've been a big fan of FC Persepolis since when I was 6! Persepolis is the most popular and the the most honored club in my country! Among European football clubs, I support Liverpool.