Personal Information
Name: Mousa Moradi
Email: mousamk [AT] gmail [DOT] com
CE mail: moradi [AT] ce [DOT] sharif [DOT] edu
Phone: (+98) 914 492 1058

You can find my CV here.

Educational background

Human languages:

Programming languages:

Development Environments:


Operating Systems:

My main hobby is devolping. When I'm bored, or when I want to do a good job, or when I want to work, I develop programs. So far I have developed many applications, small and big, for desktop, smartphone, and web, ... . These are some of the applications I have developed:

  • AzConvert

    This application is a free open-source transliterator for Azerbaijani language.

    As you may know, the Azerbaijani language is written in three different scripts and usually the users of one script, are not familiar with the other script. So I have developed this application with the help of some others to ease conversion of these scripts to each other.

    AzConvert is written using Qt framework. It has some features like "smart suffix recognition and conversion", "dynamic dictionary for irregular words (foreign words in Azerbaijani)" and etc.

    For more information and download link, please refer to AzConvert's main page in

  • MyAccountant

    "MyAccountant" is a simple and useful free accounting software for Symbian OS. It's developed using Symbian C++ language and is for Symbian OS powered smartphones.

    It's UI is in three languages: English, Turkish and Persian.

    For more information about "MyAccountant" and downloading it, please refer to my blog. (It's in Persian, Sorry!)

  • Other programs:
  • Tanks

    (Reimplementation of the old popular Battle City video game for Symbian OS - Under development)

  • Snake Game (for Symbian OS)
  • SymReminder (A Reminder application for Symbion OS - Under development)
  • TrayTimer (A simple Timer application that resides in SystemTray and helps you have good timing. It's created using Qt framework)
  • MyTODOs (A simple TODO list organizer and reminder. It's created using Qt framework)
  • CourseLecturesManager (A web-based application - I use it for publishing my professors' recorded voices.)

  • Academic programs:
  • 4-in-a-row ("Introduction to programming" course's final project)
  • WPL editor (An editor for WPL playlist files - "Advanced programming" course's project)
  • Decaf Compiler (Final project of "Compilers" course)
  • Simple RDBMS (Final project of "Discrete Mathematics")


Another one of the hobbies of mine is writing or translating educational materials about programming especially Symbian C++. Here you see some of the articles I wrote or translated: