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I am a MSc Student of Artificial Intelligence at a Intelligence System & Cognitive Science Labratory in Computer Engineering department of theSharif University of Technology, Iran. SUT is a public research university in Tehran, Iran known traditionally to be the first choice of top ranked Iranian high school and university students in engineering and physical sciences, and it is known as the Iranian MIT.
I'm a passionate artificial intelligence researcher who enjoy studying various fields of Cognitive Science and Robotics. Feel free to go over my academic research section , and if you're a computer enthusiast, my past projects could be interesting to you.


Sharif University of Technology ,Tehran,Iran
  (Rank 1 among all Iranian Universities)
M.S., Computer Engineering (Artificial Intelligence & Robotics)
Sep. 2015 - Jun. 2017(expected)
     Cumulative Grade Average (till now):   17.8/20 (approx. 3.74/4)
Machine Learning, Advance Machine Learning, Digital Signal Processing, Neural Networks & Fuzzy Systems, Speech Processing, Speech Recognition, Semantic Web

Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic) ,Tehran,Iran
  (Rank 2 among all Iranian Universities)
B.S., Computer Engineering
Sep. 2011 - Jun. 2015
     Cumulative Grade Average:   17.79/20 (approx. 3.74/4)
     Major related courses:       18.85 /20 (approx. 3.8/4)
    Artificial Intelligence, Principles of Data Base Design, Data Storage & Retrieval, Data Structures & Algorithms, Design of Algorithms, Software EngineeringI, Software EngineeringII, Design & Analysis of Algorithms, Design of Programming Language, Theory of Machines & Languages, Principle of Computer & Programming, Advanced Computer programming, Logic Circuits, Machine Language Programming, Languages Differential Equation, Engineering Statistics, Organization Behavior Management, Multi Media Systems, Research Method & Report Writing, Technical English, Industrial TrainingI Software, Project Software,

Allame Tabatabae High School, Tehran, Iran
Diploma in Physics and Mathematics Discipline
Sep. 2007 - Jun. 2011
     Cumulative Grade Average: 19.93 /20 (approx. 3.99/4)
     Diploma Grade:        19.75 /20 (approx. 3.95/4)

Research & Publication

Research Interest:

  • Cognitive Robotics
  • Human Robot Interaction
  • Neuroscience
  • Machine Learning

Research Experience:


Technical Reports:

  • Aghababa.F.P ,"Engineering Machine Learning Techniques in to Multi-Agent Systems", 2014
  • Aghababa.F.P ," Game theoretic control for Robot Teams", 2014
  • Aghababa.F.P ,"Comparison of different Robot Behavior Engines", 2014
  • Aghababa.F.P ,"Comparison of different Robot Frameworks", 2014
  • Aghababa.F.P ,"Writing good GNU/Linux Software", 2013
  • Aghababa.F.P ,"An Introduction to Software Architecture", 2013
  • Aghababa.F.P,Shamshirdar.F ,"An Introduction to Event-Based Architecture, Distributed system Independent components، Service Oriented Architecture", 2013


Teaching Assistantships:

Sharif University of Technology

Amirkabir University of Technology


Tehran Farzanegan Highschool (NODET)

  • Robotic & Computer Programming
  • June 2016 - April 2017
    Cospace Rescue Robot League, IranOpen 2017

    Salam Highschool

  • Android & Computer Programming
  • June 2016 - March 2017
    SalamCup 2017, Salam Highschool
    ACM 2017, Amirkabir University Of Technology
    Mobile Programming Marathon 2017, Sharif University Of Technology
  • Computer Programming
  • Sep 2015 - March 2016
    SalamCup 2016, Salam Highschool

    Manzoumeh kherad Institute

  • Robotic
  • June 2014 - June 2016
    Rescue Simulation League, IranOpen 2014-2016, Robocup 2014-2016
    Cospace Rescue Robot League, IranOpen 2015
    Junior Soccer League, SharifCup 2014, IranOpen 2015
    Junior Demo League , IranOpen 2012
  • Android & Computer Programming
  • Sep 2014 - March 2015

    Kherad Exhibition 2015, Manzoumeh kherad Institute

    Allame Tabatabae High School

  • Mathematical Olympiad
  • Sep 2009 - March 2010

    Iranian Mathematics Olympiad Contest 2009
  • Computer Olympiad
  • Sep 2009 - March 2010

    Iranian Computer Olympiad Contest 2009





  • Ranked as top 0.2% among more than 450,000 participants in the National University Entrance exam in Engineering and Applied Mathematics, August 2011. Achieved Graduation Certificate from Ministry of Education in 6th Robotic and Computer Programming Competitions , Tehran, Iran, June 2009.
  • Achieved Graduation Certificate from Ministry of Education in 6th Robotic and Computer Programming Competitions , Tehran, Iran, June 2009.
  • 6th Place, Fahrenheit (High School) Team Member, Soccer Simulation 2D Collegian League, AUTCup 2008, Tehran, Iran, November 2009.
  • 2nd Place, Ministry of Education Computer Programming Contest , Tehran, Iran, June 2008.
  • 3rd Place, Ministry of Education Computer Programming Contest , Tehran, Iran, June 2007.



Fluent in

  • C, C++, C#, Python, Java, Android, HTML4, CSS2, Javascript, JQuery, SQL, Visual Basic

Tools & Libraries:

Fluent in

  • Matlab, Octave, MySQL, Pspice, Verilog, Proteus, JustInMind, ForeUI


  • ROS(Robotic Operation System)
  • Robot Behavior Engines such as XABSL, Lua, Posh
  • Game theory’s Frameworks for Cooperative Multi-Robot Systems such as POSG, BaGA

  • Experienced in Machine Learning , Reinforcement learning, Computer vision , Image Processing , Pattern Recognition, Natural Language Processing
  • Play framework for web developing

Familiar With:

  • R, ML, Ocaml, PHP, Assembly, Bash Scripting, Linux programming

Familiar With:

  • QT, Opencv, Weka, Bootsrap, RapidMiner, PhoneGap


  • LaTeX, FarsiTeX, Word, NeoOffice

Operating System:

  • Mac, Linux, Windows


Job Experience

  • Ratnic Company, Tehran, Iran     2013 - 2015
    Software Designer, Web Developer, Mobile application programmer( Aroosjoon.com , ...)
  • Manzoumeh kherad Institute , Tehran, Iran     2014 – 2015
    Supervisor of Robotic Programs, Researching on motion, cognition, behavior of robots and using different Learning algorithms in robot behavior model and decision making.
  • Rapna Company , Tehran, Iran    2013 - 2014
    Software Designer, Android Developer( Greeting Card Builder, ...)
  • Raymand Company, Tehran, Iran     2012 -2013
    Researching on different web vulnerability scanners to make a better scanner for websites which has been developed by the company.

Lectures & Presentations


  • S.O.S. vr Base Code, OpenSource, Implementation of Base code and Related Components, ROS modules, launch files and Robot Models for RoboCup Rescue Virtual Robot Competition simulated in Gazebo environment and basd on ROS framework,Cognitive Robotic Lab, 2016
  • S.O.S Base Code, OpenSource, Implementation of Base code and Related Components, Entities, Behavior Controller, lots of AI & ML algorithms in Multiagent Systems for RoboCup Rescue Simulation Agent Competition based on Java, Robotic Lab, 2015
  • Monophone Speech Recognition , design, implementation and training a system for Monophone Speech Recognition using Gmm, Baum-Welch and others algorithms, Matlab, Speech Recognition, 2016
  • Design and implementation of automation system for managing medical records using Android operating system, Design and implementation of automation system for Saving and Retrieving medical records of patients, Managing all hospital employees and their accesses to different datas, it consist of a website and android application which are very flexible and could be used by also other companies not just hospitals, Android, Java, Play framework, JQuery, JS, css, html, B.S final project, 2015
  • Probability Prediction of Certain Purchasing generating a prediction of the probability that a certain purchase will result into a return on the basis of the past purchase data of the shop, Java, MySQL, Weka, Data mining, 2014
  • Sudoku Generator and Solver, Devise and implementation of a Genetic Evolutionary Algorithm to solve Sudoku puzzles, Java, Artificial Intelligence Course, 2014
  • Search Engine, design and implementation of a search engine on a large English document set using TST data structure and K-Means algorithm, Java, Information Storage and Retrieval, 2014
  • AUT Forum, Designing database for a forum, implementing a web application for the forum, and providing SQL queries to satisfy the project's requirements, (MySQL, Java), Principles of Database Design, 2014
  • Joumoung, A simple strategic game with AI algorithms, Java, Advanced Programming Course, 2014
  • File Finder, A file retrival application using Inverted-Index Algorithm, QT, Data Structures and Algorithms, 2013
  • Sort Algorithms, An implementation of various Sorting Algorithms such as Bubble Sort, Bucket Sort, Counting Sort, Heap Sort, Insertion Sort, Merge Sort, Quick Sort, Radix Sort, Selection Sort, and Shell Sort with a report on comparing their complexity , Java, Data Structures and Algorithms, 2013
  • Simple Programming Language , Design of Programming Languages, developed Interpreter using ML language., OCaml, 2013
  • Age Of Empires, A simple version of the "Age of Empires" game with AI algorithms, Java, Advanced Programming Course, 2012


  • Playing Guitar
  • Playing Tennis
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Watching Movies and Series
  • Reading about Philosophy and Psychology


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