Roohy Shemirani


Here you can find some information about my academic life

I am currently a B.Sc Student in Sharif University of Technology. I study software engineering and information technology. You can find my research interests in about me part of this site.

I amranked first among the IT students of the department, class 2009 Based on GPA.

My GPA : 18.06/20 | 3.92/4.00

I was ranked 210th in Konkoor( Iranain national universities entrance exam with about a million participants each year.)

I was ranked 7th in national university entrance exam for masters degree, which I took a year in advance.


I was a teaching assistant in the following courses.

  • Systems Analysis And Design Course(Spring 2013)- Prof. Heydarnouri
  • Web Programming Course(Fall 2013)- Prof. Zarrabi-Zadeh
  • Computer Networks Course(Spring & Fall 2013)- Prof. Kharrazi
  • Operating Systems Course(Spring 2013)- Prof. Beygi
  • Computer Architecture Course(Spring 2012)- Prof. Hossein Asadi
  • Computer Architecture Course(Fall 2012)- Prof. Maziar Goudarzi
  • Signals And Systems Course(Fall 2012)- Prof. Hamidreza Rabiee
  • Signals And Systems Course(Fall 2012)- Prof. Manzouri
  • Signals And Systems Course(Spring 2013)- Dr. Soltani
  • Data Structures Course(Spring 2013)- Prof. Aabaam


Signals and Systems, Linear Algebra, Digital Signal Processing, System Analysis and Design, Software Engineering, Application Engineering, Designing Algorithms, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Multi Media Systems, E-Commerce, Modern Information Retrieval.

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