Roohy Shemirani

Activities and Experience

I have been active in some areas. I will mention them below.

Director of Students Scientific Chapter

Students Scientific Chapter(SSC) is a student commitee concerned with department's extra- curriculum activities. SSC holds events like ACM and Java Challenge Programming contests and technical talks and sessions.


I am currently a member of SAMT( Services and Applications of Mobile Technology) Laboratory in Sharif University. and I am working on providing Software as a Service solutions for organizations and implementing scalable systems for this purpose.

R&D, Mobile Developer. Beep Co

From june 2013, I have been a mobile developer in Beep a Mobile VAS company. Our main focus was designing, analyzing and developing mobile applications and product with the subject of entertainment.

Chief Of Staff, ACM ICPC, Tehran.

For 3 years, I have been staff, technical staff and chief of technical staff in the ACM-ICPC, Tehran regional programming contest in west of Aisa. Working in groups, we manage to plan and run the whole event every year in our university with more than 90 teams participating. Setting up about 100 workstations and network support and maintenance in this events are very hard tasks that only focused,devoted people can handle.

Developer and R&D Staff, Meraat Educational Organization.

As a developer, I was in the 4 people team who designed, analyzed and implemented the main portal for the organization. We also designed the main database for the organization and its customers and business partners.


I was a judge for some contests. Including Samsung Smart TV Application contest in Iran, Sharif University(2013), Iran mobile Congress Application Contest-Tehran(2013), iPlus Ideas Festival. You can find more information about this contests in my resume.

Teaching Assistant

I was a teaching assistant in some courses. You can see them in the Academic part.

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