Ruhollah Shemirani


In This part, You can see some of my projects and read some details about them. I have done three type of projects: Work Projects, Research Projects and course projects. You can see work and research projects in work projects page and course projects are in course project page, obviously.

But in this page, I have mentioned some of my notable projects.

Computer Department of Sharif University of Technology Main Portal and Database System.

This is my thesis project which is ongoing. In this project me and my teammate designed a compelete portal for our department. This project has multi important part. The most important part of this system is an integrated database system which can satisfy the information needs of the whole department and will be a fundation for other information systems in it.

Trase. A Tracking System

This project is created for SAMT Lab as a research project. This tracking system offers employee tracking solutions to organizations as a service. It consists of a mobile applicaton which sends the lacation information to the other part, Server backbone which give administrative facilities to manager.

AhangBaz. A Memory Testing Game.

AhangBaz is a mobile memory testing game based on Iranian musics lyrics. This app will be on Iranian android application store Bazaar very soon.

Meraat Main Website

Meraat organization is concerned with education and using new technologies in order to improve its quality. I was a member of the team which designed and implemented it with a great desinging. This website supports all business process within the organization and also acts as a service delivery chanel to schools and their managers, teachers and students.

Web based Confrence Management System

It was a course project for Systems Analysis and Desing course which was implemented in python language with Django framework.

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