Hossein Zeinali

Deptartment of Computer Engineering
Sharif University of Technology

I received a Bachelor of Computer Engineering at Shiraz University (2010) and an MSc in Computer Engineering at the Sharif University of Technology (SUT) (2012). I am currently a Ph.D. student and a member of the Speech Processing Laboratory at SUT.

My research interests focus on Speech Processing, Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning. My previous research in MSc was Speaker Identification. In Ph.D., I mainly focused on Robust Speaker Verification. In addition to academic research, I have been working in Asr Gooyesh Pardaz company since 2011.


  • Sharif University of Technology2012 - 201?PhD Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence
  • Sharif University of Technology2010 - 2012M.Sc. Computer Engineering, Artificial Intelligence
  • Shiraz University2007 - 2010B.Sc. Computer Software Engineering


  • Speech ProcessingPhD Research

    Robust Speaker Verification Against Channel Variability, Speech Recognition

  • Speech ProcessingM.Sc. Research

    Real Time Large Population Speaker Identification, Keyword Spotting, Speech Recognition



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  • H. Zeinali, H. Sameti, and L. Burget, "HMM-Based Phrase-Independent i-vector Extractor for Text-Dependent Speaker Verification," IEEE/ACM Transactions on Audio, Speech, and Language ProcessingSubmitted
  • H. Zeinali, H. Hadian, and B. BabaAli, "Online Signature Verification Using i-vector Representation," IEEE Transactions on CyberneticsSubmitted
  • H. Zeinali, L. Burget, H. Sameti, O. Glembek, and O. Plchot, "Deep neural networks and hidden Markov models in i-vector-based text-dependent speaker verification," Odyssey-The Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop (2016)Link (Best student paper award)
  • N. Maghsoodi, H. Sameti, and H. Zeinali, "Localized discriminative Gaussian process latent variable model for text-dependent speaker verification," ESANN (2016)Link
  • H. Zeinali, A. Mirian, H. Sameti, and B. BabaAli, "Non-speaker information reduction from Cosine Similarity Scoring in i-vector based speaker verification," Computers & Electrical Engineering (2015)Link
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  • E. Kalantari, H. Sameti, and H. Zeinali, "Speaker Models Reduction for Optimized Telephony Text-Prompted Speaker Verification," in Electrical & Computer Engineering (CCECE), 2015 28th IEEE Canadian Conference on, Canada, 2015Link
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  • H. Zeinali, H. Sameti, and H. Veisi, "Design and Collection of the Persian Telephonic Database for Text-Dependent Speaker Verification," in Proceeding of the Electrical Engineering (ICEE), 2013 21th Iranian Conference on, May 2013. (in Persian)PDF
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Text-Prompted Speaker Verification
This code is written for experiment new idea of using i-vectors in text-prompted speaker verification. This code is password protected. For getting it's password, please contact me via email. If you have any questions about this source code, please contact me via (zeinali [at] ce {dot} sharif {dot} edu)



  • (2016) Best student paper award, Best student paper award in the Speaker and Language Recognition Workshop, Odyssey 2016, was hosted by the University of the Basque Country (UPV/EHU). This award was given to me by Cirrus Logic company.
  • (2015) Best paper award, Best paper award in the 23th Iranian Conference on the Electrical Engineering, was hosted by Sharif University of Technology.
  • (2012) Fourteenth Rank, Nationwide PhD entrance exam in Artificial Intelligence of Iranian Universities.
  • (2010) Thirty Fif'th Rank, Nationwide M.Sc entrance exam in Artificial Intelligence of Iranian Universities.
  • (2010) B.Sc. Third Rank, Ranked Third best among all of the university computer engineering students in year 2010.

Work Experience

Work Experience

Work Experience
  • (June. 2011 - Now) Part-Time Researcher & Programmer: Asr Gooyesh Pardaz (AGP) Company, Tehran, Iran. AGP is a company (with about 40 employees), that active in the field of speech processing and has several products in this area. For instance, Nevisa (Persian Dictation System), Ariana (Persian Text-to-Speech System), Shenasa (Text-Independent Speaker Identification System) and ...
  • (Sep. 2013 - Now) Part-Time Programmer: Soshiant Software Company, Shiraz, Iran. Soshiant is a company that active in designing and implementing of religious software.
  • Project Manager and Programmer of Speaker Identification System (Shenasa) in AGP. Shenasa is a text-independent speaker identification system.
  • Project Manager and Programmer of Text Dependent Speaker Verification System in AGP. This system is good for access control in banks and now is using in Parsian Bank (a major private bank in Iran)



I would be happy to talk to everyone who needs my assistance in research or administration support for projects.

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You can find me in the Speech Processing Laboratory located at Room 801, Department of Computer Engineering, Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. I am in the lab. every day from 9:00 until 16:00, but you may consider a call to fix an appointment.

Department of Computer Engineering
Sharif University of Technology
Tehran, Iran

Phone: (+98) 21 6613 6687

Email: zeinali [at] ce {dot} sharif {dot} edu

Web: Hossein Zeinali

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