The 10th competition in marathon of mobile phone programming

The 10th marathon of mobile phone programming of the country was held at the place of the Presidential Innovation and Prosperity Fund with the presence of 200 elite programmers of the country.

According to the public relations report of Sharif University of Technology; After holding 9 marathons of mobile phone programming, which was accompanied by the large participation of professional programmers from all over the country and the cooperation of private and public collections in these competitions, Sharif University of Technology and Sharif ICT Group with the strategic support of the Vice-Chancellor of Science And presidential technology held the "10th mpm10 country mobile phone programming marathon" from Wednesday, September 30th to October 1st of this year at the Presidential Innovation and Prosperity Fund. In this round of competitions, which were held on 30th and 31st of Shahrivar 1401 in person and on 1st Mehr (judging of the competitions online), 200 of the country's programming elites participated in 45 teams of 2 to 4 people, of which 8 teams made it to the final stage. The first day of the competition was held in person from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, focusing on the competition and examining the problem solving ability of the participants. In this competition, 2 challenges with the titles of health and finance and banking were determined by the technical committee of the competition, which included prominent people in the field of information technology. On the second day of the competition, the refereeing and closing stages of the competition were conducted offline and online. According to the announcement of the judges of the competition; Among the participants who were present from different universities of the country, the best people of the competition were finally announced. Meanwhile, the PersianCoders group won the first place, the Thescenius group and the Dena group also took the second and third place, respectively. According to the executive secretary of the event, the main goal of holding the competition is to identify programming talents from the whole country and connect them to the job market in this field. Also, in addition to receiving cash and non-cash prizes, the top teams of the competitions will have a very high probability of being hired by reputable companies in the ICT field and the competition industry relations committee.