Micromasters Programs at Sharif University of Technology

A Pathway to Expertise in Computer Science and Engineering

The Department of Computer Engineering at Sharif University of Technology is proud to offer Micromasters programs in computer science and engineering. These programs represent a groundbreaking opportunity for learners to gain specialized training through a series of courses designed to impart specific expertise in key areas of computer science and engineering.


What are Micromasters?

Micromasters are an integrated set of courses that, when completed, demonstrate the learner's acquisition of expertise in a particular area. These programs are crafted with the vision of providing transformative, high-quality learning experiences that expand the horizons of engineering and computer science. They are aimed at nurturing proficient individuals ready to make significant contributions to the industry.


Official Certification

Upon successful completion of a Micromasters program, learners will receive an official bilingual certificate from Sharif University of Technology, acknowledging their achievement and expertise. This certificate serves as a testament to the knowledge and skills gained, enhancing the learner's opportunities for research, further education, and employment in the competitive field of computer science.


Program Offerings

The Micromasters programs cover various cutting-edge topics, including but not limited to:


Programming and Algorithms: Featuring courses in Python programming, advanced programming, algorithm design, and computational theory.

Artificial Intelligence: Comprising courses in mathematics for AI, machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and computer vision.

Software Engineering: Including courses in software testing, database design, agile methodologies, and enterprise programming.

Data Science: Encompassing courses in data analysis with Python, principles and techniques of data science, and big data analytics.


Flexibility and Accessibility

In addition to enrolling in full Micromasters programs, learners have the flexibility to register for individual specialized courses, allowing for a tailored learning experience that fits their unique goals and schedules. Each course completed also comes with its own official certificate, further enabling learners to build a portfolio of certified skills.


Transform Your Career and Knowledge

Sharif University of Technology's Micromasters programs are designed not just to expand your knowledge but to transform your life. They open doors to advanced research, further study, and enhanced employment opportunities in the computer industry, equipping you with the skills to excel.


For more information and to embark on your journey of learning and discovery, visit our website: http://micro.ce.sharif.edu.