I am Saba Ahmadian Khameneh, a PhD student in the Department of Computer Engineering at Sharif University of Technology. I work as a graduate research assistant in Data Storage, Network, and Processing Laboratory (DSN) under supervision of Dr. Hossein Asadi.

Previously, for my MS studies, I've worked in the Embedded Systems Research Laboratory (ESRLab) under supervision of Dr. Alireza Ejlali.

I've got my B.Sc. degree in Computer Engineering (Hardware Major) from Sharif University of Technology.

My research interests include Storage Systems Design, Virtualization Platforms, Fault Tolerant Design, and Low Power Systems Design.

For my B.Sc. thesis I've worked with Dr. Alireza Ejlali. in Embedded Systems Research Laboratory (ESRLab) about Adiabatic Circuits. My study was about Fully Adiabatic families and their reliability, performance and power consumption.

I've worked in Energy Aware Systems Laboratory (EASY) under supervision of Dr. Maziar Goudarzi. My research was about energy optimization in Register Files.