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Gandu Temple, Taipei, Taiwan.


عليرضا حقدوست

  I was a master student of computer engineering in Department of Computer Engineering Sharif University of Technology.. Currently, I am doing my PhD in University of Minnesota.
  I worked on Solid-State Disk drives under supervesion of Prof. Asadi in Data Storage and Network Lab.

  My research interests focus mainly in memory systems, fault tolerant computers, high performance computer and storage architecture.

  Formerly, I was in IPM research center as a computer architecture researcher under supervision of Prof. Baniasadi and Prof. Asadi.

 In my homepage you can find many useful materials, moreover of my CV and my pictures. My interested motto is "Help to Help". Please do not hesitate to contact me if you think I can help. You can find my free time in my calendar

I post some consumer electronic news related to SSDs in my GReader page.