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Pooya Jalaly Khalilabadi

My name is Pooya Jalaly Khalilabadi (written "پویا جلالی خلیل آبادی" in Persian).
I'm currently an undergraduate student of B.S. degree in major of software engineering at Department of Computer Engineering in Sharif University of Technology, Tehran, Iran. I'm expecting to graduate by June 2012.
You can download my CV here.

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Research Interests
  • Algorithmic Graph Theory
  • Algorithmic Game Theory
  • Social Network Analysis
  • Approximation Algorithms
  • Combinatorial Optimization


Research Experiences

  • How to Measure Network Creation Games’ Naturality pdf
    A joint work with H. Beyhaghi, Z. Fahmi, M. Fazli, J. Habibi and M. Safari.
      Accepted in the 2012 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis,
    ASONAM 2012 (acceptance rate < 16%).

  • On the Non-Progressive Spread of Influence through Social ‎Networks‎‎ pdf
    ‎‎  A joint work with ‎M.‎ Fazli, M. Ghodsi, ‎J. ‎Habibi, V. Mirrokni‎, and ‎S.‎ Sadeghian ‎Sadeghabad.
      Appeared in the 10th Latin American Theoretical Informatics Symposium, LATIN 2012.

  • Social Balance and Signed Network Formation Games pdf
      A joint work with M. Fazli, M. Malekzadeh, H R.Rabiee, and M. Safari.
      Appeared in
    The 5th International Workshop on Social Network Mining and Analysis, SNA-KDD 2011, held in conjunction with The 15th ACM SIGKDD International Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining , KDD 2011,

  • Euclidean Movement Minimization pdf
      A joint work with N. AhmadiPourAnari, M. Fazli, M. Ghodsi, and M. Safari.
      Appeared in T
    he 23rd Canadian Conference on Computational Geometry, CCCG 2011.

  • Lying Property in Balance Theory pdf
      A joint work with M. Fazli, J.‎ Habibi, S. Sadeghian Sadeghabad, M. Safari, H. Shokri.
      Under submission.

  • On the Spread of Influence through Cubic ‎Networks‎ pdf
    ‎  A joint work with ‎M.‎ Fazli, M. Ghodsi, ‎J.‎ Habibi, and ‎S.‎ Sadeghian ‎Sadeghabad.
    ‎  To be submitted ‎to Electronic Journal of Combinatorics.

  • On the ‎Total Weight Choosability of ‎Graphs ‎‎pdf
    ‎  A joint work with S. Akbari, S. ‎Ehsani, and S. Sadeghian Sadeghabad‎.
    ‎  Submitted ‎to European Journal of Combinatorics.

  • Edge Roman domination in ‎graphs pdf
      A joint work with S. Akbari, S. ‎Ehsani, and S. Sadeghian Sadeghabad.
    ‎  To be ‎‎Submitted ‎to ‎Journal of Discrete ‎Mathematics.

  • Honors and Awards

  • 4th Team in Regional Contest of ACM ICPC
    Tehran, Iran, Dec 2010.

  • 5th Team in Regional Contest of ACM ICPC
    Tehran, Iran, Dec 2007.

  • 7th Team in Regional Contest of ACM ICPC
    Tehran, Iran, Dec 2008.

  • Gold Medal in National Olympiad in Informatics
    Tehran, Iran, Apr 2006.

  • Recipient of the Grant for Undergraduate Studies
    from the Iranian National Foundation of Elites, Fall 2007.

  • Awarded as Outstanding Student by University President
    Tehran, Iran, Fall 2007.

  • Professional Activities

  • Referee For
    MFCS 2011

    Test Scores

  • GRE (October 2011) : Paper-Based Test
    Verbal Reasoning (140/170, 13% Below),
    Quantitative Reasoning (166/170, 94% Below),
    Analytical Writing (4.0/6.0, 48% Below).

  • TOEFL (November 2011) : Internet-Based Test 100/120
    Reading (26/30), Listening (27/30), Speaking (23/30), Writing (24/30)
  • Thesis

  • BS Thesis topic : Spread of Influence in Constant Degree Graphs
    Under Supervision of Prof. M. Ghodsi.
    : 20/20
    pdf is available in here.
  • Hobbies

  • Gaming : reflexive and co-op video games
  • Game Developing : 3D games with OpenGL (JWJGL for Java, OpenTK for C#)
        You can find my Bubble Fight 3D game's zip file here. (It is under development)
  • TV
        Series : "Breaking bad", "How I Met Your Mother", "Dexter", "Friends", "Gray's Anatomy".
        Anime : "Death Note", "Fullmetal Alchemist", "Naruto Shippuden".
  • Music
        Listening to :
            Traditional : "M. Shajarian", "K. Kalhor".
            Rock & Metal : "Metallica", "Korn", "Slipknot", "A Perfect Circle".
            Rap : "Eminem".
        Playing :
  • References

  • Available upon request.
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