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  • Full Name:Forough Mehralian
  • Phone:+ 98 913 035 35 45
  • Email:mehralian@ce.sharif.edu
  • Website:ce.sharif.edu/~mehralian
  • Address:403 room-Department of Computer Engineering-Sharif University of Technology-Azadi Ave.-Tehran-Iran

Hello World!

My name is Forough /fo'ruːg/ (pronunciation guide). I am a master student of software engineering at the department of computer engineering of Sharif university of technology. As a member of automated software engineering(ASE) lab, I'm under supervision of Dr. Heydarnoori. I enjoy solving software engineering problems, improving software quality and facilitating software developement process using machine learning, data mining and natural language processing techniques.

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My Resume

  • Education

  • Master Degree

    Sharif University of Technology - 2015 - 2017

    Recognized as an Exceptional Talented BSc Student, I was granted for MSc of Software Engineering. My thesis title is "Recommending Feature Changes for Mobile Applications via Mining User Reviews" for which I was exceptionally lucky to be supervised by Prof. Abbas Heydarnoori.

  • Bachelor Degree

    Sharif University of Technology - 2011 - 2015

    As a top rank student in the enterance exam of universities, I had the chance to choose any major in any university in our country. Software Engineering in SUT, known as the most remarkable technical university in Iran, was definitely the best choice to fulfill my dreams and ambitions.

  • High School Diploma

    Farzanegan - 2007 - 2011

    I was proud to be admitted as a member of National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET) by passing its exam and to be able to get my diploma in Mathematics and Physics from Farzanegan Highschool.

  • Work Experience

  • Researcher

    Avan Software Technology Advisors(ASTA) - 2015 - Current

    Consultation, ideation and excecution in the domain of Javacup activities, a non-profitable community of Iranian java developers.

  • Software Engineering Intern

    PayamPardaz - summer 2015

    Design and Implementation of a secure forum based on Meteor and an android application for BYOD companies.

  • Android Developer

    Behsa - summer 2014

    Design and Implementation of an android application for taxi inspection.

  • Research Experience

  • Research Assistant

    Automated Software Engineering Laboratory - fall 2016

    Collaboration in a research project entitled "Exception Fault localization in Android Applications"

    Studying and comparing several automatic testcase generation approaches to find and apply the most appropriate one for this project.

  • Undergraduate Research Assistant

    Energy Aware System Laboratory - spring, summer 2013

    Collaboration in a Ph.D thesis entitled "Power Managing in Data Center with Renewable Energy"

    C++ Implementation of an energy-aware approach of task scheduling in datacenters.



Machine Learning80%

OO Design Patterns70%

Software Development Methodologies(RUP)80%




Intellij Idea70%


And familiar with many other languages, frameworks, technologies, ...

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