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      The SharifCE team was established in 1998 under the supervision of Mansour Jamzad, the leader of Robocup Middle Size group in Computer Engineering Department, Sharif University of Technology (SUT).

    Sharif CE team achieved

  • the 1st place of the 1999 robot soccer world cup in Stockholm,
  • the 3rd place of the 2000 robot soccer world cup in Melbourne,
  • the 1st place of the 2000 robot soccer Europian world cup in Amsterdam.
  • Best Engineering Challenge Award in 2001

    The first one is a great success, as it was our first participation in these games. You can see the results of this year contests in 99 results link. We played in 11 matches, 9 of which we won and lost in the remaining 2. The number of our matches was more than every other team, since we were in the 3rd place of our group and faced other 3rd place teams of other groups in two extra wild card matches. With 32 goals scored, we had the best offenders, although we didn't have any specific offensive strategy.

    This was the result of one and a half years of hard work. We built the automobile of robots and control hardwares by ourselves with minimum budget. In that time, our group consisted of 8 people: 1 faculty member, 2 mechanical engineering students, 2 hardware engineering students and 3 software engineering students, although a few other students consistently helped us too. We used a new mechanical system which allows a robot to rotate around the ball and find its path to the goal while carrying the ball. We think it is the best mechanical system for this application, however it needs improvement in its speed and robustness. In the last years, we have been working on improving the robot sensors and have developed a number of algorithms for improving the intelligence and cooperation among our robots.


    We would like to thank all the people and organizations whom without their support this work could not be possible. Among them we are highly thankful to Professor S.Sohrabpour, the chancellor of Sharif University of Technology and all high ranking managers of our university and also the Department of Computer Engineering and the Department of Mechanical Engineering who truly supported this project and provided their sincere help.

    Of course the role of our financial supporters were of great importance as well. During several years they financed this project in purchasing necessary hardware as well as covering the traveling costs. Among them we shall mainly name Ministry of Higher Education, Mega Motors, Saipa, Ministry of Industry (Advanced Industrial Center, Advanced Industrial Systems Research Center), Fajer Petrochemical Co., Iran Telecommunication Co., Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran, Sanir Co., Iran Air, Sharif University Alumni in USA and Canada.

    1. Ministry of Higher Education
    3. SAIPA
    4. Iran Air
    5. SANIR
    6. Development and Rebuild of Iran Industry Organization
    7. Iran Telecomunication Company (Data Project)
    8. Ministry of Higher Education
    9. Fajer Petrochemical Company
    10. Kankash System
    11. Central Bank of Islamic Republic of Iran
    12. Sharif University Alumni in USA and Canada

    • Dr. Mansour Jamzad
      E-Mail: jamzad [AT] sharif [DOT] edu

    • Mahdi Asadpour
      E-Mail: middlesize [AT] ce [DOT] sharif [DOT] edu
      E-Mail: asadpur [AT] ce [DOT] sharif [DOT] edu

    • Tel: +98 21 6616 4618, +98 21 6616 4114
    • Fax: +98 21 6601 9246
    • P.O.BOX: 11365-8639

    • Address:
          AI and Robotis Lab,
          Computer Engineering Department,
          Sharif University of Technology
          Azadi ave, Tehran, Iran.