Mehran Moeini Jam

My name is Mehran, and I am a computer researcher and software engineer.

I’m currently pursuing a master's degree in Computer Science and Engineering at Sharif University of Technology. My area of study is formally called “Algorithms and Computations” which is another term for “Theoritical Computer Science”. My focus is currently on distributed computation and concurrency theory with on eye on software engineering as a whole. I love working on both theory and practice and try to be up-to-date with the academic literature as well as the cutting-edge tools and technologies in my area of work. I’m also a lot interested in operating systems, networks, compilers and promising new areas such as blockchain.

In my free time I prefer to work out in gym or drive and listen to music for the pure pleasure and romance of the road. I'm also a huge fan of Cinema (a cinephile!) and very much enjoy watching movies.

Contact me at moeinijam[at] .