Mohammad Motiei



My name is Mohammad Motiei, written as "محمد مطیعی" in persian. I was born in 1993, in Tehran, Iran. I'm currently on my last year of B.S. degree in Software Engineering at Department of Computer Engineering of Sharif University of Technology.


Address: Department of Computer Engineering,

              Sharif University of Technology,

              Azadi Ave,Tehran, Iran.

Email: mohammad DOT motiei AT 

           motiei AT

Cell: +98-912-5792644

Research Interests

        Social Networks ‎and ‎‎‎Big Data Analysis

    - "Comment Summarization System Based on People Behavior on Social Networks"

    On going. Under the suppervision of Prof. P. Hui.

        Social Behavioral Analysis

        Mechanism Design and Algorithmic Game Theory

    - "Fair Allocation with The ‎Presence‎ of Externalities"

    My undergraduate diplomma thesis. Under the suppervision of Prof. M. Ghodsi.

    Collaborating with M. Seddighin, S. Abbasizadeh and R. Sherkati .

        Algorithmic Graph Theory

    - "Cubic Graphs with Total Domatic Number at Least ‎Two" [arXive].

    Under the suppervision of Prof. S. Akbari.

    Submitted to Journal of Combinatorial Optimization.

    Colaborating with S. Mozaffari and S. Yazdanbod.

        Randomized and Approximation Algorithms

Previous Research

        Computational Geometry

    - Line Restricted K-Center Problem [pdf]. To be submitted to ADVCOMP 2016.

    Under the suppervision of Dr. S. Daneshpajouh.

    Colaborating with S. Yazdanbod.


        Summer intern at SymLab, Hong Kong University of Sci. and Tech. (HKUST) 2014

    Under the suppervision of Prof. P. Hui. ‎ The internship started with working on a former           project‎, ‎which was about making news articles and stories automatically based on           people's tweets on twitter social network‎. ‎This project brought us to my main project           during the internship which was a Comment Summarization System‎.

        Summer intern at G3-Lab, National University of Singapore (NUS) 2013

    Under the suppervision of Prof. T. S. Tan. ‎ During this internship I was working on           computing the Flip-Flop algorithm complexity, which finds convex hull in 3D space.           In addition to working with CUDA for the first time, this internship profoundly helped           me with going deep through the parallel algorithm Designs in Computational Geometry.


Head Teacher Assistant


  •              - Design and Analysis of Algorithms - Fall 2014.
  •              - Engineering Probability and Statistics - Fall 2014
  •              - Discrete Mathematics - Spring 2014



Teacher Assistant


  •              - Data Structures.
  •                    Fall 2013, Fall 2014, Fall 2015*
  •              - Design and Analysis of Algorithms.
  •                    Fall 2013, Spring 2014, Spring 2015, Fall 2015*
  •              - Discrete Mathematics.
  •                    Spring 2014, Spring 2015*
  •              - Computer Networks.
  •                    Fall 2015
  •              - Engineering Probability and Statistics.
  •                    Spring 2015*
  •              - Fundamental of Computer Programming.
  •                    Fall 2012



Instructing Informatics Olympiad


    •              - Teaching design of algorithms and C++ programming with the aim of preparing highschool
    •              students for INOI exams.


Awards and Honors

  •      Recipient of the grant for undergraduate studies from the Iranian National Elites                  Foundation, for outstanding academic success, 2011 - present.

  •      Awarded summer internship grant from HKUST 2014.
  •         SymLab, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

  •      Awarded summer internship grant from NUS 2013.
  •          G3Lab, National University of Singapore

  •      Silver Medal in 20th Iranian National Olympiad in Informatics (INOI) 2011.

  •      Silver Medal in 19th Iranian National Olympiad in Informatics (INOI) 2010.

  •      Ranked 2nd in the ACM Contest for Students of High Schools, Tehran, Iran.

Other Activities

    INOI Scientific Committee for the 1'st and 2'nd Round Exams - 2015

Designing and evaluating problems for the national wide nationwide exams. Students, who become accepted in these exams, compete for Iran's team in International Olympiad of Informatics (IOI).

    Member of the Student Scientific Chapter (SSC) - 2014 to 2016

‎SSC is student committee concerned with directing the extra‎- ‎curriculum activities in the of Computer Engineering‎. ‎Nine members of the SSC are directly elected by all students of the department to a one-year term‎.

    Organizing Committee of the WSS 2015

WSS2015 was the first Winter Seminar Series, in which Iranian Professors and PhD students, who are currently outside of Iran and visiting their homeland for the Christmas Holidays, give talks in different advanced and introducery topics on Computer Science and Engineering during a two days seminar at Computer Engineering Department of Sharif University of Technology. This year, 26 people from high ranked universities such as Stanford, USC, UIUC, Maryland, EPFL as well as companies like Google and Upworks, gave talks in three parallel divisions.

    Data Analyst at Cafe Bazaar Inc.

Cafe ‎Bazaar is the most well-known computer software company in Iran‎. ‎I am currently working in a team on Fraud detection‎ in click advertisements as well as evaluation of the location detection system and other similar topics in Bazaar as data scientist‎.