August 2012

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Research Interests

Computer Architecture, Programming languages, System-on-Chip (SoC) and Network-on-Chip (NoC), Embedded and Real-Time Systems, Cloud Computing, Architecture of Data Storage Systems



Sharif University of Technology

M.S.,Department of Computer EngineeringSep 2008- Dec 2010

·         Advisor: Prof. Hamid Sarbazi-azad

·         Research Area: Network on chip

·         GPA: 18.43 / 20.00


University of Tehran

  B.S.,Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sep 2003- July 2007

·         Advisor: Dr. Saeed Safari

·         Research Area: Network on chip

·         Two last years’ GPA: 15.39 / 20.00






·         Ranked 264th in Undergraduate Entrance Exam among 1300000 students



·         Ranked 23rd in Graduate Entrance Exam among 14000 students in Computer architecture Field

·         Ranked 31st in Graduate Entrance Exam among 14000 people in Artificial Intelligence Field





Conference Papers

1.      N. Teimouri, M. Modarressi and H. Sarbazi-azad, “Power and Performance Efficient Partial Circuits in Packet-Switched Networks-on-Chip”, to appear in Proceedings of The in 21st Euromicro International Conference on Parallel, Distributed, and Network-Based Processing  (PDP),  February 27- March 1, 2013, Northern Ireland.


2.      N. Teimouri, M. Modarressi, A. Tavakkol and H. Sarbazi-azad, “Energy-optimized On-chip Networks Using Reconfigurable Shortcut Paths”, in Proceeding of the 23th ARchitecture of Computing Systems (ARCS), February 22-25, 2011, Italy.


Journal Papers

1.      N. Teimouri, M. Modarressi, A. Tavakkol and H. Sarbazi-azad, “Energy and Performance Efficient Short-cut Paths in Packet-Switched Networks-on-Chip”, Submitted toElsevier  Journal of Microprocessors and Microsystems.


2.      M. KhavariTavana, N. Teimouri, M. abdollahi and M. Goudarzi,  “Simultaneous Hardware/Time Redundancy with Online Task Scheduling for Synthesizing a Low Energy Highly Reliable Standby-Sparing System”, published in ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems (TECS).


Books (In Persian)

1.      Data Structures

2.      Languages Theory



Research Experience

My papers and journals

PDP 2013

   Implementing hybrid packet switching method with C++ 

   Binding implanted switching with BookSim simulator


ARCS 2011

Implementing hybrid flow witching method with C++ 

Binding implementedswitching with Xmulator simulator



Implementing improved hybrid flow witching method with C++ 

Binding implemented switching with Xmulator simulator

Considering the area and performance trade-offs in implemented switching methods



   Implementing one energy-aware task scheduling simulator with C++



Fault tolerance          

Studying fault-tolerant on-chip networks


Advanced Micro Processor

   Working with SimpleScalar simulator and considering the effects of critical instructions on performance


Embedded system design

   Sensor-Based Distributed Light Control with State Chart


Advanced Computer Architecture

Implementing Parallelization of Network Trace Analysis with MPI


Electronic System Level

   Implementing Parallelization of Attacking Stream Detection in Network Traces with MPI and OpenMP


Interconnection Networks

Studying different types of graph products  





C++, Java, verilog, SystemC, VHDL, MatLab, HSpice, Perl

Makeup Language

HTML, Latex

Operating Systems

MS Windows, Ubuntu

Design Environment

Simulink, State-chart, Quartus, MaxPlus ,LEdit, SEdit

Parallelism Environment



MS office, Photoshop  







Teaching Experience


Sharif University of Technology

Teaching  Assistant

1. Computer Architecture lab, spring and summer 2010

2. Green Computing, Fall 2011

Payam-e-Noor University


1. Computer Network

2. Compiler Design

3. Artificial Intelligence

4. Computer Architecture Lab

5. Operating system Lab

6. Computer simulation

7. Administrating B.Sc. final projects


Working Experience

As a researcher at Sharif University of Technology

1. Business model of Cloud computing, spring 2011 to spring 2012.

2. Implementing a large back up data center, spring 2012 to summer 2012.

3. Studying a mid-range storage data system, summer 2012 till now.

As an engineer at ISC (Informatics Service corporation)

-          Some research in the area of banking services

-          Some programming for eye tracker and something related to ATM for disabled people.

-          From January 2013 to June 2013







Sharif University of Technology

Prof. Hamid Sarbazi-Azad, email:

Dr. HosseinAsadi,


Dr. Mehdi Modarressi, email: