About me :

Farzad Samie

Now, I'm research assistant at High-Performance Computing Labarotary which is a part of Institude for Reseach in Fundamental Sciences (IPM). We work on academic simulators to accelerate them and reduce simulation time.

I am a graduate student of Computer Engineering -Computer Architecture- in Sharif University of Technology since fall 2008 . My current field of academic research include Low Power design and Embedded system design and my supervisor is Dr. A. Ejlali. My theses title is Thermal management in distributed embedded systems.


Embedded Systems Research Laboratory (ESRlab),
Room 614,
Computer Engineering Deptartment,
Sharif university of Technology,
Azadi ave., Tehran, Iran.

Tel: (+98)21-66166671

Farzad Samie


Teacher Assistants:
  fall 2011-12: Embedded System Design Dr. Ejlali
  fall 2008-09: Advanced Computer Networks Dr. Hendessi
  spring 2009-10: Digital System Design lab Dr. Ejlali
Spring 2008-09 courses:

  • Advanced VLSI Design- Dr. Hessabi
  • Embedded System Design - Dr. Ejlali
  • Advanced MicroProcessors - Dr. Baniasadi


    Fall 2008-09 courses:

  • Testability- Dr. Hessabi
  • Advanced Computer Networks - Dr. khonsari
  • Advanced Computer Architecture - Dr. Jahangir


    Fall 2003 - Summer 2008 Sharif University of Technology Computer Engineering Department, Major: Hardware Engineering Theses: Radiometric correction and normalization of sattelite images - director: Dr. kasaei

    This section is for guiding the people who want to search my name but use other variants of its. Farzad Sami - Farzad Samei - Farzad Samiee - Farzad Sameie

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