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I , Amirreza Soudi, am currently a M.S. student at the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of Concordia University. I am working on rootkit analysis in SBA Lab with professor Wahab Hamou-Lhadj

I got my first master in Information Technology at the Computer Engineering Department of Sharif University.

I completed my B.Sc degree in Computer Engineering at the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the University of Tehran.

You can see my academic background and research experience in my CV
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Amirreza Soudi

-----------------------Research Interests -------------------------

- Information Security - Computer Security
- Operating System Security - Data Security
- Computer Networks - Network Security
- Peer-to-Peer Networks - Data Mining

-----------------------Teaching Experiences ------------------------

- Fall 2011 - Spring 2009 Instructor, Network Lab, Sharif University, Computer Department.

Advisor: Dr. Kharrazi

- Fall 2009 - Spring 2009 & 2010 TA, Database, University of Tehran, ECE Department.

Advisor: Dr. Shakery

- Fall 2008 & 2009 Spring 2009 & 2010 TA, Operating System, University of Tehran, ECE Department.

Advisor: Dr. Kargahi

- Fall 2007 TA, Fundamental of C++, University of Tehran, General Department.

Advisor: Dr. Moeini

-----------------------Work Experience --------------------------------

Sep 2011 - Present EHSAA Company, Working as a software developer and researcher, Tehran, Iran.

Mar 2011 - Dec 2011 Social Insurance, Teaching JAVA Basic and JAVA Web for FAVA Employee, Tehran, Iran.

Summer 2009 Payam Nour University Social Network , As a developer and database designer with JAVA (Hibernate Framework) , Tehran, Iran.

Summer 2008 BadrSun, Implemented payment software as a developer with C#, Tehran, Iran.

-----------------------Computer Skills ---------------------------------

Advanced in: JAVA, JSP, SQL, C/C++, C#

Familiar with: PHP, Python, 8086 Assembly, Verilog, HTML, JavaScript, AWK

FrameWorks and Simulator: NS2, Apache Tomcat, MySQL, Hibernate, Simple Framework, Wicket, Maven, Spring

Documentation: TEX Family (LATEX , XeLaTeX, XePersian), Microsoft Office

Operating Systems: OS X, Ubuntu, Windows

Tools: Netbeans, Eclipse, RapidMiner, ModelSim, Packet Tracer, Quartus II, Intellij IDEA, WireShark

Other Miscellaneous Skills: iptable, snort, MRTG, tcpdump

-----------------------Extracurricular Activities ----------------------

Playing Video Games

Playing Ping-Pong, Swimming, Football

Watching Movie

Reading Book

Interested in Music
Oct 2011 - Mar 2012
Data Mining

I have started this research with my colleague in order to examine Social Insurance DataSet by extracting its features and applying our custom mining algorithm. We cluster the people based on the service they got during retirement. Beside, we can preicate the new retirement will get which service based on our customizable classification algorithm with 89\% accuracy

Sharif University
Oct 2011 - Apr 2012
Effect of Overlay Topology on the P2P Networks Properties

We proved that with a simple modification in P2P network overlay layer, we can enhance the creation time and decrease the traffic of the network. In order to examine our theory, we used PlanetSim Simulator

Sharif University
May - Aug 2011
Cloud vs Grid Computing

The purpose of this research was to survey over Cloud Computing which includes investigating its functionalities and comparing it to the Grid Computing consequently, we examined the similarities and differences in these 2 approaches

Sharif University
March - Aug 2011
Statistical Inferences and Prevention Mechanisms in Databases

The purpose of this research was to find out how attackers could infer important data by using permitted SQL Query; in addition, we compared the solutions which DBA could use to prevent attackers from Inferring

Sharif University
Oct 2010 - Feb 2011
Statistical Inferences and Prevention Mechanisms in Databases

The Usage of RSA Cryptography}{In this research we evaluated RSA Cryptography and find out protocols/applications/objectives which are using this method, and the reason why they are using it

Sharif University
Feb - Jul 2008
Multi Media Database Management Systems

The goal is to find out what was the differences between MMDBMS and Relational Databases or Object Oriented Databases, also find how user can query on such DBMS. In addition I review some MMDBMS architectures

University of Tehran
Feb - Jul 2008
DRM (Digital Right Management)

In this research we review DRM and its architecture and evaluate some languages for describing DRM and possibility of using this method in digital market of Iran

University of Tehran
Fall 2010
Wireless Communication project

Design mobile sensor network (using laptop sensor) sensitive to clap sound

Sharif University
Advisor: Dr. Afshin Hemmatyar
Fall 2010
Bachelor Thesis

Design and Implementation of a Website with PHP Simple Framework using MVC pattern; as a professional software engineering project, it included several steps such as 1- make requirement list 2- make a list of future risks 3- defined usecases 4- defined domain model 5-define class diagrams 6-defined activity diagram 7- ...}

University of Tehran
Advisor: Dr. Ramtin khosravi
Spring 2009
Internet Engineering

Developing the 'Polling Website' using MVC Pattern with Java/JSP Language

University of Tehran
Advisor: Dr. Ramtin khosravi
Fall 2008
Computer Architecture Project

Design and implementation of a fully functional pipeline Processor Based on MIPS Architecture by help of Verilog and ModelSim

University of Tehran
Advisor: Dr. Saaed Safari

M. Gharib and A. Soudi. The effect of choosing proper overlay topology on the peer to peer networks properties. International Journal of Computer Science & Information Security, 10(4):99–102, April 2012.
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am_soudi[ AT ]ece[Dot]concordia[Dot]ca

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amirreza[Dot]soudi[ AT ]gmail[Dot]com

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